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At the Potions Cauldron Group we are committed to being a sustainable business, meeting the needs of today’s customers without putting undue pressures on future generations. We worked with a team of students from the University of York in 2022 and again in 2023 to create a 'Sustainability Action Plan' which has been implemented into our business plan to help the business acheive higher standards in sustainability.

Acheivements in Sustainability since opening. 

  • Our standard bottled potions are all made using glass bottles with metal caps, that are 100% recyclable and can be recycled forever without the need for virgin material needed to reproduce. Since 2022 with introduction of our new 330ml potion bottle we have managed to reduce the weight of packing per litre of drink packed by around 25%. 
  • In April 2023 we introduced our brand new disposable paper cups. While we aim to encourage reuse, and serve glass mugs in venues to customers, we appreciate the need for disposable cups. Our new paper cup contains no plastic liner as found in the majority of disposable cups on the market. Instead we use a board which is made from water based barrier board, the paper is plastic free and just like conventional paper the paper used in the cup can be easily recycled with normal mainstream paper waste. Our aqueous material can also be commercially composted if required. This widely recycled paper stock is fully certified for food and drink contact. The FSC certified 12oz coffee cup is manufactured on 310gsm paper stock, and can be fully recylced with paper!
  • Previously we only offered plastic lids used on disposable cups to customer on request, while we will still do this, we now use a lid also made from the same paper board as our cups. These will begin appearing in our venues from September 2023.

Our new 100% disposable paper cup, without any PE plastic lining

  • We have audited our deliveries and vehicles and taken the following actions - We will use Royal Mail for our B2C website, who still deliver on foot and have a sustainable approach to UK deliveries.
    Our Euro 6 compliant diesel delivery vehicle, we will be maintained, until an alternative vehicle with the payload and range comes to market. We will continue to test new alternative fuel vehicles as they come to market. We believe we have the most sustainable vehicle currently available for our requirments.
  • To limit the use of our own vehicle, we will deliver to our own distant venues in places like Edinburgh & Blackpool by the pallet network. Sending our bottled drinks direct from manufacturing to minimise journeys.
  • Across our sites we have installed LED lighting, and where appropriate have started to introduce sensor lighting where appropriate (staff areas, toilets etc) to further minimise both energy costs and usage.
  • Staff who work in our venues, are all provided with a reusable cup/bottle to eliminate the use of disposable cups in this way.
  • We have increased the use of labelling, to encourage recycling and reuse

Our Sustainable aims are...

  • Aim to minimise our impact as a business on the environment
  • We will promote responsibility for the environment within the business
  • Minimise the use of energy and water with regular audits
  • Minimise waste and encourage reuse and recycle where possible
  • Review the environmental impact of everything we do and seek less harmful solutions and alternatives where possible.

In the year 2024 we will look to further improve and the following will be investigates and implemented:

  • Introduce smart sockets across the business, minimising our use of energy and eliminating vampire energy.
  • Continue to explore opportunities to introduce renewable energy installations across our sites, solar and battery usage.
  • Implement Front of House recyclable signage for guests and customers.
  • Continue to minimise plastic use across the business.
  • Continue to maintain to Good Business Charter accreditation.