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Unveiling The Rose Street Covenstead: A new magical journey at The Potions Cauldron Edinburgh

In the mystical heart of Edinburgh, where cobbled streets whisper ancient secrets, The Potions Cauldron invites wizards and witches to embark on an enchanting adventure like never before. We are thrilled to unveil our latest magical creation, The Rose Street Covenstead—a captivating experience that weaves together the art of potion-making, spell-casting, and the spirit of camaraderie.


Step into the mystical world of Morag the Witch, a venerable sorceress whose Covenstead has just been uncovered beneath The Potions Cauldron in Edinburgh. Wizards and witches alike are invited to join forces with Morag, an experienced and wise practitioner of the magical arts. The Rose Street Covenstead offers a spellbinding journey where the magic of potions and the bonds of friendship converge in an immersive and unforgettable experience.


As you traverse the enchanted realm of the Covenstead, you'll be accompanied by Binky, a mischievous and talkative crow. Binky, the trusted companion of Morag, will guide you through the magical arts, sharing his knowledge and enchanting stories that will leave you spellbound. Together, with Morag and Binky, you'll face challenges that, when successfully completed, grant you the prestigious opportunity to join the Rose Street Covenstead.


The magic doesn't end there. Wizards and witches can indulge in an award-winning potion experience, featuring concoctions such as Basilisk Blood, Serpent's Venom, Tears of a Wizard, and Unicorn Essence. Additionally, savor a sample of the famed Witches Brew, a mysterious elixir that promises to tantalize your taste buds and transport you to realms beyond imagination.


The Rose Street Covenstead experience is priced at just £6.29 and lasts for a magical 30 minutes. Located beneath our popular shop on Rose Street, which opened its doors in June 2023, this mystical haven offers not only an immersive journey but also a chance to explore a range of magical gifts, drinks, and souvenirs.