The Hole In Wand - Wizard Golf In Blackpool
As seen on Dragon's Den
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The Potions Cauldron Unveil The Winning Formula Potion, a collaboration with York City FC

We are delighted to share a momentous occasion that transcends the realms of both wizardry and sportsmanship. The Potions Cauldron is proud to introduce our latest creation, the "Winning Formula Potion," developed in collaboration with the esteemed champions of York City FC.


As dedicated supporters of our beloved York City FC, we have united to create a potion that encapsulates the spirit of victory, resilience, and enchantment. The Winning Formula Potion is an alchemical blend of ancient secrets and contemporary teamwork, representing the essence of triumph.


This LIMITED edition potion is only available whilst stocks last, it's also only available at York City FC's gift shop, the Christmas Markets, or here on our website! 


At The Potions Cauldron, our commitment to crafting extraordinary experiences knows no bounds. Join us on this esteemed journey, where magic and sportsmanship converge in the creation of the Winning Formula Potion.