The Hole In Wand - Wizard Golf In Blackpool
As seen on Dragon's Den
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The Potions Cauldron's Enchanting Acquisition of Wizards Gold

We have officially acquired Wizard's Gold, a renowned purveyor of enchanting alcoholic elixirs encased in the whimsical shape of a Wizard's head bottle, complete with a mesmerizing 'golden shimmer.' Get ready to embark on a new adventure as we delve into the enchanting tale of this magical union!


The magical drink is now available online, or in our Potions Cauldron shop on York's Shambles!


This infusion aims to elevate the magical beverage experience for customers, providing a range of new enchanted spirits with a touch of magic with the golden shimmer!


The Wizard’s Gold range, now under The Potions Cauldron’s magical umbrella, is a fantastic addition to our journey that we all hope you embark on with us.


Find out more about Wizard's Gold